Making Headway EP. 7 (Buenos Aires)

Making Hedway is a photo column where Shannon Mahedy ’17 captures those fleeting moments of beauty in daily life.

While Shannon’s hanging out a little south of Minnesota now, she wanted to capture her new home in those magical moments that only she can. Here are some words from Shannon herself:


I’m going to start with a dramatic statement: I’m in love with this city. I realized I was in love with Buenos Aires around week three, and I don’t see my love diminishing any time soon. Yes, this city can be frustrating, and sometimes I get tired of how Argentines often love to saunter down the street and take up the whole sidewalk, or how the subway is often so full that I don’t have to keep myself upright because there is a human wall surrounding me. Sometimes the *smile-and-nod-because-I-don’t-understand-the-first-three-times* gets annoying, and I just want someone to understand my sarcasm or cultural references (although the Argentines surprisingly love Pink Floyd, Frank Zappa, Jack Kerouac, Breaking Bad, and a whole host of random American exports). But generally I love the confusion and chaos and energy.

These past two-½  months have been incredible, but I think my featured pictures reflect only one side of my experience. To me, they exemplify the energy of the streets, and how light can manipulate various spaces and vistas around Buenos Aires in such a way that the city is constantly being reinvented and reimagined. I love my commutes (besides the aforementioned space and speed issues) because I get to observe and attempt to capture these moments. I never get tired of the dusk and sunsets, but even gray and rainy days can make this city look beautiful. Buenos Aires isn’t shiny and modern, but it has a ridiculous amount of character, and it’s graffiti-covered walls and uneven sidewalks give it charm, although my opinion might change if I ever break an ankle.

The side I have not been able to capture through photography is the energy and warmth of the Argentines I’ve met. It’s easy to capture the way the sun setting makes a building look beautiful, but I haven’t even tried to capture many experiences here, because I’m busy soaking it all in and reminding myself how ridiculously lucky I am.

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